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May 25, 2024 09:57 PM

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सट्टा किंग, गली रिजल्ट और दिसावर रिजल्ट आपको इस साईट पर सबसे पेहले ओर सबसे तेज मिलेगा। यहां आप लाइव रिजल्ट देख सकते हैं और सारे पुराने ओर नये चार्ट्स और जानकारी प्राप्त कर सकते हैं। गली और दिसावर के रिजल्ट को आसानी से चेक करें. इस साईट को अपने फोन मी सेव करले ताकी आपको सबसे पेहले सारे अचूक रिजल्ट मिलेंगे।


(05:00 AM)
06 Satta king 81
(12:00 PM)
09 Satta king 13
(02:00 PM)
88 Satta king 56
Ghaziabad Din
(12:00 PM)
29 Satta king 97
(11:15 PM)
11 Satta king
(06:15 PM)
12 Satta king 56
(08:00 PM)
77 Satta king 62
(04:15 PM)
32 Satta king 93
(12:30 AM)
25 Satta king 62
(05:00 AM)
60 Satta king 18
(07:45 PM)
44 Satta king 11
(01:15 PM)
05 Satta king 64
(03:40 PM)
Satta king
(05:30 PM)
96 Satta king 14
(11:00 PM)
08 Satta king
(04:00 PM)
51 Satta king 75
(07:40 PM)
08 Satta king 84
Lucknow Gold
(12:10 PM)
Satta king
(03:30 PM)
Satta king 62
(04:00 PM)
22 Satta king 55
(11:20 AM)
29 Satta king 82
(04:30 PM)
Satta king
(03:00 PM)
19 Satta king 11
(04:30 PM)
87 Satta king 09
(04:50 PM)
00 Satta king 98


Yahan Aap Month Aur Year Select Karke Gali, Deshawar, Ghyaziabad Aur Faridabad Ka Combined Chart Dekh Sakte Hai.

1-05 77 75 84 73
2-05 95 83 18 70 80
3-05 76 82 28 69 88
4-05 92 59 41 20 02
5-05 76 36 26 60 40
6-05 20 92 07 56 70
7-05 82 07 27 91 40
8-05 32 71 02 18 49
9-05 07 66 31 94 03
10-05 84 19 49 47 74
11-05 93 74 65 77 68
12-05 48 57 47 31 29
13-05 48 30 67 17 06
14-05 78 33 61 54 59
15-05 45 56 27 23 83
16-05 76 23 19 91 28
17-05 32 23 80 80 11
18-05 37 74 61 30 21
19-05 62 66 54 88 70
20-05 01 79 12 12 32
21-05 18 26 97 69 77
22-05 38 25 67 81 65
23-05 96 54 51 58 54
24-05 06 32 12 77 11
25-05 81 93 56 62
1-05 48 61
2-05 41 95 15 67
3-05 35 84 70 25
4-05 32 29 19 90
5-05 61 82 78 02
6-05 78 84 02 83
7-05 76 61 48 05
8-05 40 38 29 01
9-05 17 90 88 74
10-05 16 72 14 77
11-05 32 30 83 36
12-05 80 90 10 24
13-05 31 84 54 53
14-05 94 82 08 59
15-05 73 38 81 24
16-05 90 52 74 59
17-05 26 14 78 07
18-05 81 88 56 64
19-05 50 60 82 07
20-05 98 23 06 76
21-05 30 39 81 59
22-05 84 94 37 10
23-05 18 33 79 51
24-05 05 25 60 44
25-05 64 62 18 11
1-05 53 89
2-05 73 23
3-05 25 49
4-05 59 30
5-05 18 41
6-05 38 02
7-05 17 66
8-05 05 85
9-05 81 35
10-05 36
11-05 40
12-05 10
13-05 69
14-05 50
15-05 61
16-05 31
17-05 91
18-05 52
19-05 66
20-05 57
21-05 06
22-05 87
23-05 28
24-05 08
1-05 79 33 31 82
2-05 09 82 64 50
3-05 80 83 07 74
4-05 30 77 13 00
5-05 82 56 75 29
6-05 72 80 91 34
7-05 41 78 01 22
8-05 54 87 93 48
9-05 32 04 19 68
10-05 14 91 85 59
11-05 85 75 90 80
12-05 70 76 66 59
13-05 19 70 05 55
14-05 03 91 87 63
15-05 71 08 58 70
16-05 100 28 71 66
17-05 52 26 90 80
18-05 19 38 59 50
19-05 44 70 26 78
20-05 23 78 12 84
21-05 88 22 06 52
22-05 100 34 33 62
23-05 42 58 60 52
24-05 87 00 19 29
25-05 09 98 11 82
1-05 27 78 61 98 91
2-05 48 11 51 31 89
3-05 18 58 18 24
4-05 84 08 97 97 39
5-05 79 27 74 02 29
6-05 72 51 24 58 71
7-05 41 87 66 76 69
8-05 46 19 32 46 67
9-05 67 43 05 40 21
10-05 92 45 16 12
11-05 29 81 94 62
12-05 17 71 53 80 03
13-05 90 03 20 13 13
14-05 70 35 99 59 23
15-05 49 80 07 82 37
16-05 42 23 31 84 20
17-05 68 15 92 45 51
18-05 55 88 63 51 58
19-05 28 37 74 30 30
20-05 25 68 48 01 48
21-05 14 16 21 19 90
22-05 91 54 99 80
23-05 59 47 32 56 19
24-05 51 08 22 96
25-05 75 84 62 55 14

Everything to know about Satta King And its variants

Satta King, You might know this word as it has captured a million hearts across India. Steeped in history and drenched in tradition, this unique gambling phenomenon has withstood the test of time, evolving alongside our ever-changing world. We are diving deeper into the digital realm to explore the online presence of the Satta King.

With the evolution of technology, this engaging game has gained a fresh start on the digital stage, attracting a larger audience and creating a whirlwind of excitement. So buckle up and prepare for an immersive exploration of Satta King Result. We will dive deeper into the history of Satta King, its digital evolution, societal impact, captivating gameplay, etc. Let's begin this exhilarating journey together!

What is Satta King?

Satta King states as a renowned form of gambling that originated in India. It's a game of chance where players or participants bets on numbers. 'Satta' means betting or gambling, and 'King' signifies a person who wins or rules the game of bets.

In the Satta King Game, players select a number or combination of digits and place their bets. These numbers are then entered into a pot, and a random number is taken out. If the drawn number matches the number or combination selected by a player, the predetermined amount. The game typically offers different bets and payout ratios, depending on the specific Satta King Online market or game variant.

Moreover, despite its illegal status, SattaKing has become popular over the years, mainly in India. The Sattaking game is known for its allure of quick money and excitement among the players to gain fast cash. Let's look at this game and explore its roots and evolution.

Origin and History Of the Game

The origins of Satta Matka may be traced back to the 1950s when bets were placed based on the New York Cotton Exchanges to the Bombay Cotton Exchange's teleprinted opening and closing cotton rate. However, in 1961, the new york cotton exchange stopped this practice leading gamblers and punters to seek alternative methods to sustain Satta Matka Business.

After discontinuing the cotton rates, the Satta Matka industry needed to adapt to continue its operations. As a Satta Result, the game has changed to include more types of betting, such as gambling on the opening and closing prices of different items and services, including stocks, commodities, and even fictitious markets.

This transition allowed the Satta Matka business to thrive and expand its reach among gambling enthusiasts. In addition, metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and others draw the attention of many individuals hoping to try their luck and win big amounts of money.

How Is Actually Satta King's Game Played?

Ratan Khatri, widely regarded as the founder and influential figure of the Satta Matka gambling game, introduced the concept of announcing the opening and closing rates of fictional products. This unique game involved numbered paper slips from 0 to 9 placed inside a traditional earthen pitcher known as a "matka." A participant would draw a slip from the matka and declare the winning numbers accordingly.

As societal changes occurred game's format evolved, but the term "matka" remained intact. Eventually, the process transformed into drawing numbers from a standard deck of playing cards. This explanation highlights the historical aspects of Satta Matka while emphasizing its transformation over time.

In 1962, Kalyanji Bhagat, a grocery shop owner from Worli, Mumbai, introduced the Kalyan Worli Matka. This gambling game allowed even those with very little money, including beggars, to place bets starting from one rupee. Ratan Khatri modified the game's rules and released the New Worli Matka two years later, in 1964. Kalyanji Bhagat's Matka ran daily, while Ratan Khatri's Matka operated six days a week.

As the textile mills flourished in Mumbai, many mill workers became involved in playing Matka, leading to the establishment of bookies shops in and around the mill areas. This development turned Central Mumbai into the hub of the Satta business in the city. The Matka company peaked in the 1980s and 1990s with a monthly turnover of approximately Rs 500 crore.

In 1995, the Mumbai Police launched a massive crackdown on satta matka dens, leading the dealers to relocate their operations to the city's outskirts. Many of them shifted to states like Rajasthan and Gujarat. With the decline of significant betting sources within the city, punters shifted their focus to other forms of gambling, such as online lotteries. Wealthier punters also began placing bets on cricket matches.

Popular Variants of Satta King

Let's take a closer look at a few popular variants of Satta King:

Gali Satta / Gali Result :Gali is a renowned variant known for its fast-paced gameplay. It has a massive following, especially in northern India. The winning number is chosen randomly from a range of numbers between 0 and 99 after the player places their wager. Gali Result is Declared daily After 11 Pm.

Desawar Satta / Desawar Result : Desawar is one of the oldest and most historically significant variants of Satta King. It originated in the city of Desawar, near Delhi. The game's popularity stems from its extensive history and the allure of significant prize pools.

Faridabad and Ghaziabad Satta: Faridabad Result and Ghaziabad Result are two other popular variants of Satta King. They have unique rules and patterns that attract dedicated players. These variants have gained prominence due to their distinct characteristics and the opportunities they offer for players to try their luck.

Digital Transformation of Satta King

In the wake of technological advancements and the rise of online platforms, the traditional game of Satta King has undergone a significant transformation, transcending its once-exclusive offline existence. With the rise of specialized websites and mobile applications, players may easily access the game wherever and whenever they want. This shift to online platforms has revolutionized the Satta King industry and opened up new opportunities for players and enthusiasts.

The game's internet presence has several noteworthy benefits, including increased audience reach. Geographical barriers that previously limited participation have been broken down, allowing players worldwide to engage in the game. This increased accessibility has contributed to the exponential growth of the Satta King community, creating a diverse and vibrant player base.

Moreover, The online presence of Satta King has also introduced a heightened level of professionalism to the industry. Dedicated websites and mobile applications provide players with a secure and regulated environment, ensuring fair gameplay and reliable transactions. Reputable platforms employ advanced encryption and security measures to safeguard players' personal information and financial transactions, instilling participant confidence and trust.

Availability of real-time Satta King Result

One of the key advantages of the online presence of Satta King Result is the availability of real-time results. This feature empowers players by enabling them to quickly and conveniently check the game's outcomes, allowing for timely decisions and determining their winnings.

Unlike the traditional offline setup, where players had to wait for results to be declared through manual processes, Satta King online platforms provide instant updates on the game results. The SattaKingResults are promptly displayed on the website or mobile application when the game concludes, ensuring that players have immediate access to the Satta Result.

This real-time availability of results brings immense convenience to Satta King players. It eliminates the need for prolonged waiting periods or relying on intermediaries for result declarations. Players can log into the online platform, access the designated section for results, and instantly find out the winning numbers or outcomes of the game they participated in.

Furthermore, the availability of Satta King online results allows players to make informed decisions promptly. They can quickly analyze the outcomes, compare them with their chosen numbers or bets, and determine their winnings or losses without delay. This feature enhances the gaming experience by reducing uncertainty and providing a transparent and efficient process.

The accessibility of Online results also contributes to the credibility and trustworthiness of online Satta King platforms. Players can witness the transparency of the game firsthand, as the results are displayed instantly and consistently. This transparency builds confidence among participants, ensuring that the Results are not tampered with or manipulated.

Game's Impact on Society

Like any form of gambling, Satta King carries various social implications and impacts on individuals and society. Despite the excitement, it's important to be aware of the game's possible drawbacks, including addiction, financial threats, and legal issues.

One of the significant concerns related to Satta King is the risk of addiction. The game's thrill and the potential for quick financial gains can lead individuals to develop compulsive gambling behavior.

In addition, the game addiction of this game can negatively impact individuals' friendly relationships and mental health. Many may suffer social isolation, financial strain, and an inability to manage their gambling addictions.

Financial risks are another critical aspect associated with Satta King. The nature of the game, which involves placing bets and risking money, means that individuals are exposed to the possibility of significant financial losses. It is crucial to recognize that gambling outcomes are primarily based on chance, and the odds typically favor the house or the platform facilitating the game. This imbalance can result in financial hardship, debt, and instability for players who cannot exercise responsible gambling practices.

Moreover, Satta King may also give rise to legal issues. Gambling, including Satta King, is strictly regulated or prohibited in many jurisdictions. Illegal gambling can expose individuals to legal consequences, including fines and imprisonment. People need to be informed of the legal framework governing gambling in their jurisdictions to prevent engaging in illicit activities.

Additionally, the societal impact of Satta King extends beyond individual players. The prevalence of gambling-related issues can strain social welfare systems and support networks. This results in rising demand for therapy or counseling services, addiction recovery programs, and financial aid for persons with gambling issues. In turn, it can burden public resources and community support structures.

Promoting responsible gambling practices and raising awareness about the risks is crucial. This includes providing information about the odds, setting limits on betting amounts, and encouraging individuals to gamble within their means. Moreover, to cope with gambling addiction, it's crucial to provide support services for individuals dealing with social and psychological issues due to loss in gambling.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is satta king?

"Satta King" is the winner of the Satta game, where a person places their bets on numbers between 0 to 99, and if your number gets right, you win the game and the amount of money multiplied by the amount you bet. This game is called Satta, and the winner is Satta King. In recent decades, this game has become popular among gambling enthusiasts. Millions of players play satta king daily, and there are different mechanisms for handling this game.

How does Satta King work ?

Game players choose the number they believe can be winning. And after the time for placing bets ends, the game organisers declare any random single and combination of numbers from 0 to 99. if the result matches the player's number, he wins the game.

How to play the satta king game offline?

Players must find a particular game representative in their city and place their bets to play this game offline. They can be anywhere in your town. After meeting with the Khaiwal, Players must choose any number from 0 to 9 or a combination of the digits between 0 and 99. They can bet on any number they think can be the winning number. And give it to Khaiwal, then he writes it down, and if you win, he will be the one who gives you the winning amount.

How to play the satta king game online ?

You can find apps and websites on the internet to play the satta king game online. You can visit any of them and signup with details. First, you have to deposit some money into the account, but before you do it, make sure that this website/app is legit. Afterwards, go to the section of games, select the game you want to play and choose the number of your wish. Then, you must select the amount you want to bet and place the bet. You can withdraw your winning directly to your bank from the same platform.

How many types of games are in satta king?

There are different types of too many games played in this. Many cities have their own game, but some popular forms are gali result, desawar result, Faridabad Satta, Ghaziabad Satta, and many more. These games are played online or offline.

How to Check Satta King Result?

Results are declared at the designated times of different games. This website published the results of every game before any of the sites on the internet. You can visit our website and check the results on timing. Or you can go to the games organiser's office and ask them what the game's outcome is.

What is the timing of the Satta king result?

These are the timing of the outcome of different games: Gali Result - 11:50 Pm, Desawar Result - 05:15 Am, Faridabad Result - 6:00 Pm, Ghaziabad Result - 8:50 Pm, Pune City - 12:30 Pm, Delhi Gold - 12:10 Pm.

Playing this game is legal in India?

Satta King is gambling Game its legal status depends on the spcific area or the city. but in most of the jurisdiction areas this game is not allowed. if you play this game you may face legal consiquenses for this. indian authorities don't allow gamling games but satta king still can be played in india. before playing the game consider all the posiblities of the effects.

Can anyone give you the winning number or leak?

Satta King gaming completing depending on luck. There is no math formula or method for getting the winning number. Winning numbers are ultimately declared randomly. Many people analyse old result charts and patterns and claim to predict winning numbers, while satta king is unpredictable. It's important to remember that these predictions or claims are not a reliable and foolproof method of winning.

What happens if anyone plays satta king?

This is a very highly risky game. If you play this game, you can win an enormous amount. But if you lose this game, you lose lots of money, and it's highly addictive. Many people fall into this trap and lose money, time and health. Playing This game is prohibited in India, so if you play this game and get caught, you can face legal problems.

What's the Legal Status of Satta King?

The legal status of Satta King varies across jurisdictions, with different countries and regions adopting diverse approaches to regulate or prohibit this form of gambling. While some jurisdictions have strict regulations and penalties, others have entirely banned Satta King due to its potential for illicit activities and social harm.

Regulation and Licencing

Satta King Result is subject to regulation in some areas and is subject to licensing requirements. As a result, the game may be played in a monitored and regulated setting that ensures fairness and customer safety. These regulatory authorities supervise the activities, check the platforms for compliance, and grant operators licenses if they satisfy the necessary criteria.

For instance, the Gambling Commission in the UK oversees all gambling-related operations, including Satta King. Licensed operators are required to follow rigorous rules for fair play, responsible gaming, and player safety. The regulatory system strives to stop illegal activity, safeguard those who are weak, and maintain industry openness.

Prohibition and Criminalization:

Satta King is considered unlawful and restricted in many places because of its ties to illegal activity, the likelihood of fraud, and the potential for societal harm. Several jurisdictions have passed particular laws and rules to stop Satta King's actions and punish individuals implicated.

For instance, Satta King is prohibited in India and is covered under the Public Gambling Act of 1867. The government has vigorously suppressed Satta King's results through raids, the closure of illicit businesses, and legal action against anyone participating in the game.

Online Gambling and Jurisdictional Challenges:

Online platforms have made the legal environment around Satta King more complicated. Online gambling crosses jurisdictional lines, making it difficult for regulatory agencies to police the law adequately.

Online gambling, including Satta King, is expressly regulated and licensed in several jurisdictions. These nations have established regulatory organizations and licensing schemes to regulate internet gambling firms. However, there may be notable limitations on some types of internet gambling activity, even in licensed areas.

Risks and Precautions in Satta King Game

People should know the hazards of playing Satta King to make educated judgments and gamble responsibly. Players may reduce possible harm and encourage a secure gaming experience by knowing these hazards and taking the required safety procedures.

Financial Risks: : One of the significant risks in Satta King is the potential for financial losses. The game's outcome is mostly determined by chance. Therefore, participants should be ready to lose what they have invested.

Precaution to take : Set a Budget: Create a budget for your gaming and only stake money you can afford to lose. Do not spend money intended for savings or other critical needs like rent or bills.

Risks of Addiction : Due to its high potential for addiction, Satta King's use can harm one's personal, social, and economic spheres.

Precautions to take

-Determine the Symptoms: Look for warning indicators of problem gambling, such as excessive time and money spent on Satta King, disregard for personal obligations, or anxiety when trying to reduce or stop playing. Exercise Self Control Set time restrictions and adhere to them when playing Satta King. Be careful not to lengthen your gaming sessions impulsively.

If you think you could have a gambling addiction or are having trouble reining in your gambling tendencies, turn to experts for assistance. These include counselors, helplines, or support groups specializing in gambling addiction.

Legal Risks : Playing Satta King in places where it is not allowed is one example of an unlawful gambling activity that might result in legal repercussions.

Matka Culture and Influence on Popular Culture

With its captivating gameplay and substantial stakes, Satta King has made a lasting impression on popular culture, particularly in India. Bollywood movies, songs, and other works of art representing the appeal and thrill connected with Satta King are just a few examples of the media influenced by the game.

Bollywood Films: Satta King has frequently been used as an engaging plot technique in Bollywood Films, bringing drama and tension to the story. Movies like "Matka King" and "Jannat" have shown the experiences of those participating in the gambling industry, highlighting the highs and lows, the appeal, and the drawbacks of Satta King. In addition to being enjoyable, these films offer insight into the game's social effects and individual challenges.

Music and Songs: Satta King has also been included in well-known songs, indicating its effect on the social fabric. Songs like "Satta Bazaar" and "Matka" reference the game, capturing its spirit and using its terms. These songs frequently have an air of intrigue and suspense, reflecting Satta King's intriguing personality in both musical and lyrical styles.

Literature and Art: Satta King has sparked several literary and creative works that delve into its themes and examine the psychological effects of gambling. Authors and artists have utilized Satta King as a background or metaphor to illustrate more significant social challenges, personal goals, and the intricacies of human nature. The psychological and emotional components of high-stakes gambling are explained in these books.

Promoting Awareness and Alternatives

While portraying Satta King in popular culture may be captivating and entertaining, raising awareness about the risks and potential harm associated with the game is essential. Individuals should be educated about the Pros and cons of gambling, its financial risk, legal issues, and more.

Promoting responsible gambling practices and seeking healthier alternatives is crucial. Here are some suggestions:

Education and Awareness: Spreading awareness about the risks and consequences of Satta King can help individuals make informed decisions. Public service announcements, community efforts, and educational campaigns may encourage safe gaming habits and assist people with gambling addiction.

Engage in Legal and Regulated Activities: Instead of participating in illegal Satta King activities, individuals can explore legal and regulated forms of gambling. This includes engaging in state-run lotteries or playing games at licensed and reputable casinos, where fairness, consumer protection, and responsible gambling practices are prioritized.

Pursue Alternative Forms of Entertainment: It is essential to highlight alternative forms of entertainment and hobbies that can provide similar excitement without the associated drawbacks of gambling. Sports, artistic endeavors, volunteer work, or pastimes that support personal development and well-being can be a satisfying and gratifying experience.

The realm of Satta King Result, Black Satta King, and Satta Matka present an intriguing facet within the Matka world, captivating participants with its unpredictable outcomes and alluring rewards. While these games offer excitement and entertainment, Responsibly approaching them is paramount, considering the legal implications and maintaining control over one's gambling habits.

It is crucial to acknowledge that, like any other form of Satta, these games heavily rely on luck, and winning is never assured. Therefore, it becomes imperative to exercise the ability to decline participation in such contests whenever necessary, prioritizing responsible decision-making.